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Unbelievably Weird and Amusing, Here Are Weird 10 Simulator Games on PC in 2019!

Tired of playing thrilling and massive games? Here are 10 unbelievably weird and amusing simulator games that you can try!

Have you ever wondered about working as a surgeon? Surely thrilling when you do a surgery on a patient, or imagine yourself as a bird. Rather than imagine it, now you can try those in a video game by playing this 10 weird simulator games on PC!

10. PC Building Simulator


Don’t have sufficient money to buy or create cool PC gaming? Don’t worry. You can play this game to create your PC gaming according to your heart’s content without thinking of how much cost you have to throw. You will be offered with a wide selection of hardware, starting from motherboards, processors, graphics cards, RAMs and others.

9. Job Simulator


Want to know what a job world feels like? Before you enter a job world, try this Job Simulator with Virtual Reality (VR) system. You can choose the job offered in the game, such as mechanic, chef, cashier, or office worker. You will know the rules depending on the job you selected.

8. Mother Simulator


Become a mother has its own joy and tears. The joy is seeing her children growing up, and the tears is taking care of them. In this game, you will experience as a mother whose taking care of her hyperactive child.

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