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Lylia Heropedia, The Newest Mage in Mobile Legends Who Has Magic Shoes

Get to know better about Lylia, the newest mage in Mobile Legends

After Dyrus’ appearance, now Mobile Legends introducing another new mage hero, where her appearance was leaked since last Sunday. This mage is Lylia, or also known as The Little Witch. Hence her nickname, Lylia has small body and she also has terrifying black magic.

One unique feature that Lylia has is her different hair color. The right part is purple and the left one is black. In order to compete with other heroes in Mobile Legends, Lyla using a small stick and also black monster who always following her.

Hero’s Statistic

Moonton /  Mobile Legends

If you see Lylia’s statistic on the image above, she has an advantage on Ability Effects. Lylia has a passive buff which can increase her movement speed and it’s a part of Ability Effects. Due to this skill, Lylia can easily avoid various attacks and as well chasing the escaping heroes.

Looking at her balanced Durability and Offense, makes us know that she is not a mage with high damage output. But that doesn’t mean she is useless. Her skill 2 called Angry Bloom will be effective if you constantly hitting enemies using it.

One more thing you have to know about Lylia, she’s a poke-type mage. That means she will be very useful poking enemies HP. So when teamfight happens, your team will have a little advantage.

Want to know about Lylia’s skill? Go to the second page!

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