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[REVIEW] Chess Rush, Auto Battler Game Published by Tencent Games With Beautiful Graphics!

Tencent Games recently released an auto battler game called Chess Rush. Curious with this game? Read this article below!

Few moments ago, we had a new game with auto battler strategy genre called Chess Rush. This game has similar mechanics like auto-battler game in general. And surely there are hero difference, graphics, and UI visuals.

What do you think about the excitement in Chess Rush? Read this article about writers reviewing this game.

Dunia Games | Hilmy

Writers playing Chess Rush using Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 smartphone with Snapdragon 636 chipset. This smartphone is powerful enough to launch Chess Rush in high frame rate in medium graphics.

This game has simple UI visual but soothing to our eyes. You can also customize the chess board as well as the main character by buying using voucher or gold. Because it was recently released, only a few chess boards and characters available at this time.

Beautiful Graphics

Source: In-game screenshot

Even though using low graphics settings, you still can enjoy the soothing graphics from this game because it has shadows and grasses to make the game more lively.

Even though it has HD graphics, turns out this game can be played smoothly, moreover if you activated high frame rate mode. So if you want to play this game but only have standard smartphone, don’t worry, you can still play Chess Rush smoothly.

Turbo Mode Available

Source: In-game screenshot

This game has two different modes, casual match and turbo mode. Hence the name, turbo mode can be finished faster than casual match. You can finish it between 10 or 15 minutes because the mana and crystal you obtained will be increased twice. So you can obtain high levels and heroes more faster.

This mode is suitable for those who doesn’t have much time to play video games.

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