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Here are the five reasons why you should buy Dyrroth on Mobile Legends

Are you still hesitant to buy Dyrroth on Mobile Legends? Let’s find out the reasons why you should buy Dyrroth!

Dyrroth is a fighter-type hero who just released on Mobile Legends a few days ago. You might have known about how terrible Dyrroth is on the game. Because he is too powerful, Dyrroth often get banned on the Epic ranked match tier and above. However, there are many players who are still hesitant to buy Dyrroth.

This time, Dunia Games will be discussing about the reasons why you should buy Dyrroth. Let’s get into the discussion.

His Combo is easy to understand

Source: Mobile Legends

As we know that Dyrroth has a pretty simple yet deadly skill set. When using Dyrroth, you can use skill 2 as the combo opener and you can kill the opponent using ultimate skill and skill 1. Dyrroth can kill his opponent easily if his skill managed to hit the opponent. You can also use the Petrify spell so his ultimate skill will hit the opponent.

With this combo which is easy to understand, you don’t need to practice hard to be able to use Dyrroth properly. As long as you understand how to control Dyrroth, you can kill the opponents easily.

Short Cooldown Skill 

Source: Mobile Legends

For the fighter-type hero like Dyrroth, it is very common that he has a short cooldown skill without using the items which can reduce the cooldown. After using skill, you can use normal attack to speed up Dyrroth’s cooldown skill.

With this short cooldown skill, it means that you can repeat the same combo continuously when using Dyrroth. This certainly made Dyrroth as the frightening fighter.

The Ability to Chase the Enemies

Source: Mobile Legends

Dyrroth can dash twice when chase after the enemies. Not only that, Dyrroth’s dash skill can reduce the enemies movement speed which makes it very difficult for the enemies to be able to escape from Dyrroth.

Are you curious with the other reasons? Let’s head to the second page.

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