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Five Best Auto Battler Mobile Games You Can Play

For those who still confused, here are the list of five best Auto Battler mobile games for you to play.

Can be played anywhere is the signature feature of Auto Battler genre. Even though it’s a little bit hard to understand for those who are still trying this genre, but this game is very addictive. In Auto Battler mobile , you will not only find one game! There are various games that you can try. Without further ado, here are five best Auto Battler games you can play!

5. Omnyouji Arena: Auto Chess


Similar to other developers, NetEase won’t fall behind by introducing Auto Battler mode in their newest game. They put Auto Battler in Omnyouji Arena. Aside of it can be played in MOBA, you can also try the newest mode which it has similar gameplay like Auto Chess. Will you play this game?

>> Download Omnyouji Arena for Android

>> Download Omnyouji Arena for iOS

4. Magic Chess: Bang Bang

Magic Chess: Bang Bang

For those who likes to play Mobile Legends, you will love to play this game because it’s a combination of Mobile Legends and Auto Chess. Not much different than other Auto Battler games, you will challenge seven other players until the last man standing. But this game is not developed by Moonton, but rather by third party developer.

>> Download Magic Chess: Bang Bang for Android

3. Dota Underlords


Not only released in PC, Valve also introducing Dota Underworlds for mobile. There are numerous unique features that you can find in Dota Underworlds, such as Dota2 heroes, choosing the random item given after defeating monsters, and every hero can only use one item. 

>> Download Dota Underlords for Android

>> Donwload Dota Underlords for iOS

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