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Anti Mainstream, Here Are Ecstatic Cosplayers Spotted on CLAS:H Ennichisai 2019 That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably - Part I

When visited Ennichisai few weeks ago, you might see many awesome cosplayers, but did you realize that you also find ecstatic cosplayers like these?

Ennichisai is an annual event held in Blok M, South Jakarta. This year becomes the 10th anniversary of the event. Aside of many food stalls that you can try placed all over the place, there’s also cosplayers who came in to celebrate the event. You might see epic cosplayers, but how about ecstatic cosplayers who took a picture on CLAS:H booth! 

Irfan Norcha

This guy cosplayed as famous person among youngsters, Young Lex. With tattoos on both arms and shades, he looked a little bit like Young Lex. There, the description written as “Yanglek 2.0” - which means he’s a fake Young Lex. What do you think about his cosplay?


With only a shirt like that, maybe someone can explain who he cosplay as? Faisal cosplayed as a character called “Stip Rojali” from Captain Cililitan: The First Jawara series. Maybe he’s not yet ready to cosplay seriously, Faisal just being himself.

El Dibo

Cosplay as an anime character? It’s so mainstream. This guy didn’t cosplay as an anime character or tokusatsu, but rather as an event staff. El Dibo cosplayed as “Mas Mas Panitia” with series written as “Japanese themed event”. The question is: is he really Ennichisai staff or a visitor who cosplayed as a staff?

Rikku Tachibana

Rikku might be didn’t cosplay as anime characters or tokusatsu, but rather he cosplayed as the ex-vocalist of Drive band, Anji. With black beanie which Anji usually wear and very similar face, this visitor received more than 500 reacts and more than 100 shares. It looked like it is not a strange thing because Rikku already a famous cosplayer.

Want to see another deviant cosplayers in Ennichisai? Go to the next page!

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