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Five Best Android Games by Bandai Namco

Are you a fan of Bandai Namco games? Here are five best Android games by Bandai Namco for you to play!

Who doesn’t know Bandai Namco? This publisher and developer from Japan is famous for making awesome games, such as Tekken, Naruto Shippuden, and Dark Souls. Turns out Bandai also have few awesome mobile games at their library. Curious with the list? Here are five best Android games by Bandai Namco for you to play!


Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the first Dragon Ball game by Bandai released for mobile platform. This game combines puzzle elements with RPG. You can see Goku, Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta, and many more in this game.

Every character has their own elements and this element is one of your winning factors. In order to unleash all characters, you need to crack balls with element options inside. If you managed to crack open a ball that contains the same element like your character, then the damage will be doubled.

>> Download DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE for Android

4. ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

Bandai Namco

You want more challenging game? Try ONE PIECE Bounty Rush! In this game, you will play along with the others in a team. Your mission is to capture and snatch points from enemy’s team. During the gameplay, you can use characters from the franchise. Every character has their own ability.

This game has many character class, like damage dealer, tank, and also runner to capture territory. You can also switch characters in a match, so the match will be more interesting.

Small note, this game is a little bit heavy. So, if you want to play this, writers suggest that you have processor 636 or above.

>> Download ONE PIECE Bounty Rush for Android

3. TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]

Bandai Namco

“Oshieteyou”, maybe that’s the word crossing on your mind. TOKYO GHOUL is one of the best RPG games you can play right now. Adapting the story from Tokyo Ghoul:re, here, you will play alternately between characters, at one point you will play as Ghoul slayer lead by Sasaki Haise or also known as Kaneki (before his memory lost) and sometimes as a ghoul itself.

This game adapts directly from Tokyo Ghoul:re, so you can play while reminiscing with the chaos after CCG raid Anteiku two years ago.

>> Download TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth] for Android

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