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How Important Is The Rune Feature on the Latest Update of AOV?

Are you one of the players who is curious with the Rune feature on the latest update of AOV? Let’s find out here!

Arena of Valor will be back with major reorganizing on their gameplay. This update will be given at the end of July, including the enhancement on the graphics to allow the players to experience a better gaming experience; for example the detailed heroes, elements on the map, the skill effects which are presented on the game. Along with the update, there is also the feature that arouse the curiosity of the AOV communities. This feature is called Rune.


This Rune has a something in common with Arcana, but this feature is for free and you don’t need to spend a single gold to be able to set it. Especially, the Rune in AOV is similar with one of the games released by Riot, League of Legends. Although it has similarity in function, but it won’t be a problem, because Riot is a company which is now fully owned by Tencent.

How Important is Rune on AOV?


For League of Legends players, the Rune feature is very familiar. Although, there are some differences between Rune in League of Legends and AOV. If in League of Legends you can only use two types of Rune, in AOV you can use three types of Rune at once.

Even so, you can’t just install the Rune. Why? Because each slot of the Rune has its own tier. The first slot contains a Rune Core that you can install up to Rune Tier 3 and has special effects that are very useful to maximize the capabilities of the hero you are using.


The last two slots are only additional attributes that will still affect the abilities of your hero, but the impact is not as big as the Rune Core slot. You also need to remember that these two slots also have their own tiers. The first slot will contain rune with tier number 1 and tier number 2 in the next slot.


The Rune choice in AOV is very important, because it will affect the playstyle that you want to play. For example, you use Murad, of course the Runes that you need are the damage attack enhancers and the attack speed to help you collect Stack quickly. Another example is if you use Liliana, then the Rune that you need is the ability power enhancers or cooldown.

It might be similar with Arcana, but to be able to get additional attributes, you need to fit the criteria. For example, you can get additional damage attack, if you are successfully kill your opponent. Or, you’ll get additional gold when making the first hit on the opponent’s turret.

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