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Shuri Will Become the Leader of Wakanda and the Black Panther Next

Smarter than Tony Stark and Bruce Banner at a young age, will Shuri be the next leader of Wakanda and Black Panther?

If told to choose the coolest character in the Black Panther it seems very difficult, because all of them have their own advantages. But it seems we all agree that Shuri, Wakanda's daughter, is a very smart and cool character. But the Black Panther lost along with other superheroes in the Avengers: Infinity War, made the throne of the country's leader now questionable. Is it time for the younger brother to replace his brother's position as king and protect Wakanda?

Quoting wegotthiscovered.com, speculating that the second sequel to the Black Panther movie will continue the Black Panther suit armor to his younger sister, Shuri. Even though Marvel ensures Chadwick Boseman will continue to play as T'Challa.

"One thing I want to say to Ryan, the Black Panther is a coat like someone else, so we are not limited by anything. Actually there are many different ways to go back to Wakanda and have fun and keep exploring the themes," said Executive Producer Nate Moore.


Moore also said that Black Panther has strength that is not limited to just one person. This shows that there is a possibility that the Black Panther will be passed on to others in Phase 4 of the MCU.

If it's true that T'Challa will give the armor suit to someone else, he has a certain candidate, namely Shuri. This younger sister has proven herself as a member of the MCU, which plays a significant role.

Unfortunately, the news about Shuri being the next Wakanda leader has not been confirmed by Marvel Studios. Even so, in fact Shuri also appeared as the Black Panther in both Black Panther comics Vol. 4 Edition. Through his comic version, besides being T'Challa's younger brother, Shuri was also told to compete for the Black Panther title.

The rest, the description of Shuri's character is similar to his character in the Black Panther movie; very loyal to the family and Wakanda, smart, and always trying hard to protect the Wakanda throne from interference from foreigners.

Now would Shuri be the next leader of Wakanda and Black Panther? Keep up with DuniaGames.co.id for interesting information about other games.

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