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PUBG Weapon Mystery, AKM vs M762, Which One Is The Scariest?

PUBG Weapon Mystery, AKM vs M762, which weapon is the best with the 7.62 ammo?

After a long time Dunia Games don’t write about PUBG Mystery Weapon article, now writers are back to give a comparison between AKM and M762 where these weapons have something in common, both use 7.62mm ammo. Then, which one is the best? Here are the digest for mystery weapon in PUBG, AKM vs M762!

AKM, More Damage, Messy Recoil


AKM surely is the most common Assault Rifle found in PUBG. Aside of that, this weapon is fan-favorite due to the massive damage it has and very easy to use. The damage is the plus point for AKM, but this weapon also comes with a flaw, a messy recoil.

When you use it on full auto, AKM rather shaking to the left and to the right, making you hard to aim at enemies. This weapon also has a low rate of fire. So make sure you use every bullet in AKM to full extend because every bullet counts.

Then, how’s the attachment for AKM? This weapon has only three attachments, a muzzle, magazine, and scope.

M762, AKM’s Brother With Easy Control


Different than AKM, Berly M762 is easier to control because the recoil is only swing upwards. Because it’s easier to control, the damage output is one step below AKM which only has 47 damage per hit.

Aside of the easy recoil this weapon has, another advantage is the high firing rate compared to AKM. In the end, DPS Berly M762 is higher than AKM’s, makes it suitable to be used at short and middle range fight.

In the attachment sector, this weapon has complete attachment. It can be attached with four kinds of attachments at once; magazine, muzzle, lower rail, and sights.

If you want to use the spray, then Angled Foregrip and Compensator is the best choice for you. For sights, you can use Red Dot or Scope x3 (if you can control the recoil).

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