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Chess Rush Reveals Global Star Challenge Across 8 Countries

Who will be the King of the world in Chess Rush?

Chess Rush, the recently released auto battler game, has announced a new eSports event called Chess Rush Global Star Challenge. This competition will feature the top 8 influencers across 8 countries: USA, Brazil, German, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. Tencent Games also confirmed a prize pool of $16,000 for the final. Meanwhile, viewers can also engage with the official Facebook page to win the latest mobile phones from Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo through several lucky draws.

As confirmed, Tencent already cooperated with Drodo Studio to co-publish Auto Chess in China. Chess Rush, published by Tencent Games, it is a turn-based 3D auto battler game with over 50 various heroes that features Turbo mode that allows players to finish the game in 10+ minutes. It's one of the most important oversea projects from Tencent this year.

Chess Rush is a tactical game that pits 8 players in several rounds. Each round, players equip heroes from the random pool, where they can unleash them on the chessboard in an intense 1v1 combat. The game also has Co-op mode where players can play along with your friends to defeat the opponents.

Thanks to the global server, players can meet and fight against 7 other players across the world. It’s also the concept for Global Star Challenge event. A challenge awaits the 8 gaming creators from 8 different countries!

The online tournament commences from July 10, as confirmed by Chess Rush Facebook page. Top influencers from 8 countries will have their official announcement for the first Chess Rush Global Star Challenge gradually. Luck and strategy matter the most in this game. It’s also the same for these creators! Before heading to the final live, each creator will have a random selection of heroes they can and must use in the final.

Tencent Games is always the forefront in the global mobile eSports field. Its mobile game Arena of Valor also had a presence at the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta. It’s a big step for esports on the international sports stage. PUBG MOBILE also have continue tournament across the world.

With the release last week, we can observe the eSports ambition from Chess rush. Apart from Global Star Challenge, Chess Rush also have another event called Challenge me. It this campaign, players can challenge top gaming creators. Tencent hopes that Chess Rush will carve its own niche in the world of professional e-sports.

Download Chess Rush now to meet global players!

For more information about Chess Rush Global Star Challenge and other events, please visit the official Facebook and Twitter page.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChessRushOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayChessRush
Homepage: https://www.chessrushgame.com/

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