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Five Chess Rush Tips for Beginners

For those who knew about Auto Battler recently, here are five tips to play Chess Rush for beginners.

Auto Battler virus is still in the air and still interesting to talk about. A combination between Card Game and strategy, makes this genre is exciting to play -- especially for those who loves simple game and only playing games for fun. Talking about Auto Battler, Tencent recently released a game called “Chess Rush.” For those who are still having a hard time to win, here are five tips to win in Chess Rush for beginners!

5. Pay Attention to Synergy

Tencent / Chess Rush

In Chess Rush, the most important thing to pay attention to is synergy between Class and Species. Synergy can create a buff which you can use to strengthen your chess pieces or heroes you used. For example, you have Goblin species, if you have three or six Goblins with the same Species, you will receive a buff for your attack speed.

4. Don’t be Fixated With Hero /Chess Piece Level

Tencent / Chess Rush

This is the most common thing to do by beginners, to fixated with hero’s level. Surely level is important, but don’t let yourself reroll so often just because you are aiming for heroes with high level. This will make you suffer because you will be short on gold. Reroll can be done if you have at least 30 gold in your possession, but it’s suggested that you have 50 gold at least.

Surely heroes with high level in Chess Rush is very crucial, furthermore they can turn the tide of battle. But, actually synergy is more important.

3. Use Items In Accordance to Hero’s Ability

Tencent / Chess Rush

In Chess Rush, you are not only control and choose which piece you want to use to defeat other players, but also using an item in order to strengthen your hero. These items in Chess Rush also has certain buff which you can’t use on every hero.

For example, you get Bane Staff spell which has a function as follows “mana recovery everytime hero attacking enemy’s hero,” There, this item surely suitable for Sorcery who are certainly relying on their ability to swipe enemy’s hero. Surely, you can put it on every hero, but this is not recommended -- even Chess Rush itself had warned you.

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