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One Piece Rumored Get A Spin-Off! So Hype!

This One Piece spin-off apparently become a serious discussion among fans. Hopefully this rumor will come true!

Eiichiro Oda has made more than 900 One Piece chapters. As long as the story continues, many fans expect One Piece to
expand by making a spin-off. Apparently many One Piece fans are discussed this on social media, some of the them claim
to get news about that One Piece spin-off.
The news said that Roronoa Zoro would get a spin-off based on his own story. Fans also took this news seriously.
If One Piece really get a spin-off, then Zoro is the most appropriate character. Zoro became Luffy's first crew on his
journey to find One Piece and become a Pirate King.

Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

Zoro also became the most important crew in the Straw Hats and the one who give biggest support to Luffy for achieving
his goal of finding One Piece and becoming a Pirate King. Without Zoro's sacrifice, Luffy won't make it this far.
We have known Zoro for a dozen years and many are curious about his past. Therefore, it is likely that there will be a time
when Zoro gets his own story. Until now, there's no confirmation regarding the news. Fans are waiting for confirmation
from Shuiesha or Oda before they discuss further about this.

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