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More Tense, Here Are 2 Teams Who Will Compete for Champion Title in Grand Final IES League

kamu sudah terdaftar dan mengambil tiket event ini

Grand Final IES League CS:GO will be an event to fight over champion title between EVOS Esport and nxl team. Which one do you support?

Today, July 12th 2019, becomes the long awaited day because the champion title from INDOESPORTS League (IES League) Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be decided! IES League CS:GO x DA Arena which sponsored by LG UltraGear, DA Gaming, TeamGroup and UniPin had decided two teams to compete in the Grand Final, EVOS Esports and team nxl. At the same time, SYNTAX and LPR will compete for the third place.

Here are the players from each team:

  • EVOS Esport: iNzaNe-iwnl-, KlippNSway-, LOSERRR_, RiseNdaMonKY, and voogy;
  • team nxl: bousen11, soifong, casho_0, forged_ibtJ, and reCza;
  • LPR: bbynTz-, -HAUZJE, Rov1n, zevruLL, birulzrdi, and Schelee1337-;
  • SYNTAX: FWLoco, Rapheleen, baldandbrave, Famouz-, and Snydey.

In previous day, these four teams had compete for a position to get into the Grand Final in the semi-finals. LPR teams faced EVOS Esport team and SYNTAX team faced team nxl. They fought furiously and very intense. Moreover, many moments happened where the players do a troll when killing their enemies. In the end, EVOS Esport team and nxl team came out as the victor and they can continue their fight for champion title in Grand Final.

The Grand Final IES League CS:GO x DA Arena competition can be watched live via INDOESPORTS YouTube channel on this link:

>> Live Streaming IES League CS:GO x DA Arena on Youtube

Don’t miss this glorious moment, a battle between EVOS Esport team and nxl team! Because, in this live match which supported with 55 i-cafe DA Arena connection which is scattered on 24 cities in Indonesia will have giveaway session for you to join - that is keyboard and gaming mouse from Digital Alliance and hoodie from UniPin as well.

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