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SBS One Piece: The Unique Fact Behind The Name of Roronoa Zoro's Powerful Attack!

There is a secret behind Roronoa Zoro’s various attack that you need to know! This is revealed in a column in SBS One Piece!

Although it looks terrifying, it turns out that there is a quite unique secret behind the terrifying attack of Roronoa Zoro. Zoro is one of the monster trio in the Straw Hats. His fighting style that we can always enjoy, especially when fighting against powerful enemies. Every sword slash and his new attack always look charming.

Until now, even after the timeskip, Zoro is never seen fighting seriously. One of the proofs is when he managed to defeat Pica without any injury, and also his left eye which still remains as a mystery. Various of new attack that he had mastered, plus Zoro has been trained under the current strongest swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk.

Zoro has mastered many new attack, whether its combined with Haki or original technique from the three swords flow that he already mastered. One of the high-level slash that Zoro showed when he slashed the giant octopus, Surume in the water. Did you know that there is a secret behind Zoro’s terrifying techniques?

Have you guys notice Zoro’s attack? If you pay attention to it, there is a quite unique thing from Zoro’s attacks. Not the power, but the name. Most of Zoro’s attack name is named after food.

In a column of SBS One Piece volume 44, a fan asked, “Hello, Odacchi. I just recently noticed something. When reading Zoro and Kaku's fight in Volume 43, there is a pattern to his attack names. The first one is nigiri. Nigiri is rolled sushi. Then the other one is torou, is torou also refer to tuna fish?

Then o torou, is o torou refers to a fatty tuna? Then, hiremeki, is hiremeki refers to one of the types of fish? And last is samon, it is meant by salmon? He seems really fixated on sushi... Could Zoro-san have never had sushi before?”

Want to see Oda’s answer? Let’s head to the next page!

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