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Download These 2017 Top 11 Soccer Games for Android!

There are 11 Android soccer games that you must play to kick off 2017! Let's find out!

Playing soccer is such a fun activity to engage in -- whether you play it on the field with friends or you play the game version on either your phone or console.

Therefore, DuniaGames would like to recommend you the best soccer games for Android released in 2016. Which makes the cut? Scroll to continue reading.

1. FIFA Mobile

Released in small size -- less than 100 MB! -- the newest FIFA game is considered one of the best soccer games for Android ever. The playing system has also been adjusted to make it more convenient for users to play during free time. FIFA Mobile features more than 30 leagues, 650 teams, and 17.000 players!

>> Download FIFA Mobile di Android

2. Football Saga Fantasista

Created by local developer Agate Studio, this game will introduce you as a rookie player who tries to make it in the professional soccer world. The cool graphics is what makes Football Saga Fantasista worth playing.

>> Download Football Saga Fantasista di Android 

3. Turbo League

Unlike many other soccer games, Turbo League offers a different way of playing soccer, by using a jet car! How cool is that?

>> Download Turbo League di Android

4. Top Eleven 2016

If you want to experience the life of a club manager, then Top Eleven 2016 is your best choice. Join 150 million players and compete to be the best manager in the soccer world!

>> Download Top Eleven 2016 di Android

5. Dream Eleven

Upgrade and train your team's skills in this official game of LaLiga Satander. Combined with the RPG element and strategy, Dream Eleven easily becomes one of the must-have Android games on your phone.

>> Download Dream Eleven di Android

6. World Football League

This soccer game features around 60 national teams, 60 clubs and a total of 2000 players. There are four playing modes you get to choose: Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training. Totally fun!

>> Download World Football League di Android

7. Dream League Soccer 2017

Hire the real FIFPro-licensed player, build your own stadium, and fight for your glory in the global Dream League Online match! Only available on this game, folks!

>> Download Dream League Soccer 2017 di Android

8. Soccer Star 2017 World Legends

Cool 3D graphics, a smart computer to challenge, such great feature where you can customize your character, and play it all in the Story Mode. Need we say more?

>> Download Soccer Star 2017 World Legends di Android

9. Ultimate Soccer

With more than 1000 players ready to execute your strategy in the challenging Career Mode, Ultimate Soccer is perfect for your leisure time.

>> Download Ultimate Soccer di Android

10. Championship Manager 2017

If the previous managerial game does not satisfy you yet, the maybe this game developed by Square-Enix will. Totally fun to play, this game lets you to take your pick out of 450 clubs, from 15 different countries and 25 different leagues.

>> Download Championship Manager 2017 di Android

11. PES Club Manager 2017

We begin with FIFA and end with PES. Manage such big team as Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund and face off against 22 million players around the world to decide who is the best of all!

>> Download PES Club Manager 2017 di Android

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