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Five Game Characters Inspired by Real People!

As it turns out, some iconic game characters in the game universe are based on real persons. Who are they?


The fiction world, whether it is movie, book, or video game, is often the projection of reality. Some creators draw inspirations from real people to make their characters appear more convincing. Though they do not necessarily resemble much, at least there is a similarity in personality or else.

Speaking of that, do you know that there are at least five video game characters who are based on real people? Dunia Games has prepared the list, scroll to continue reading.

1. Mario Bros (Super Mario Series)

Sumber: gamespot.com

The first game character that makes the list is Mario from the Super Mario franchise. Super Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamoto when he worked in Nintendo. This classic game introduced Mario as an Italian plumber, but how many of you know that he is based on real person?

Back in 1980, Nintendo rented a warehouse with a plan to transform it into their headquarters in the States. One day, the landlord named Mario Segale was furious because Nintendo had not yet paid the rent. Eventually, the case was peacefully settled between the two parties. Shigeru Miyamoto was inspired that he ended up choosing the landlord's first name as his character's name.

2. Zelda (Legend of Zelda Series)

Sumber: wallpaperbrowse.com

Raise your hands if you really think that Zelda is the male character with a green costume in Legend of Zelda. Because, my friends, you are totally mistaken! Zelda is actually the name of the princess a.k.a the damsel-in-distress, while the said man who saves her is Link.

According to the creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, the titular character’s name was inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of famous novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. Shigeru Miyamoto admired her because she was graceful, intelligent and popular. He certainly wished the same thing to his character.

3. Frank Tenpenny (GTA: San Andreas)

Sumber: antagonist.wikia.com

Shout out to all gamers who play GTA: San Andreas, do you still remember who Frank Tenpenny is? That's right, Frank Tenpenny is a police officer who often mocks the main character CJ. As it turns out, this character is based on a real person.

Frank Tenpenny is inspired by an LAPD officer named Rafael Perez. Back in 1990, he was involved in numerous crimes and corruption, including theft at the department evidence locker, shootings and conspiracy among others.

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