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Hilarious and Astonishing, Here Are 7 One Piece Characters with the Weirdest Laughs

As it turns out, the uniqueness of One Piece characters is placed not only on their body shapes, but also on their laughs

4. Whitebeard

Edward Newgate, popularly known as "Whitebeard", was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. Despite his old age, the muscular man still looks dangerous with his signature laugh “Gurarararara”. This laugh is also a reference to the Devil Fruit, Gura Gura no Mi, that he ate and turned him into the strongest man in the world.

3. Hogback

Hogback is a renowned surgeon who entered the employment of Gekko Moriah. He has a signature chilling laugh “Fosfosfosfos”. Please be prepared if you wear headphones or earphones, because Hogback laughs so loudly in this video!

2. Pica

With such massive figure and ability to merge with stone thanks to Ishi Ishi no Mi that he ate, Pica had everyone laughing so hard with his high-pitched voice and cute “Pikkya-pikkya-pikkyarara”.

1. Caesar Clown

The top spot belongs to Caesar Clown, the genius criminal who often irritates everyone with his foolish acts as well as his signature laugh “Shurororo”.

This concludes the list of 7 characters in One Piece with the weirdest laughs. Of course, you need to see it yourself to find whether or not there are other characters with similar charms. Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts on the comment box below!

Featured image source: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

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