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Revealed! Here’s the Real Face of Zxuan, the Top Global Fanny Player

Are you curious about Zxuan's real face? We have finally got to see his real look!

If you play the popular game Mobile Legends, you are definitely no stranger to the name Zxuan. That name became so popular in the MOBA universe because he is a very skilled player who famously plays one of the most difficult heroes to manage, Fanny. However, Zxuan has been such a mysterious figure. Many have questioned whether Zxuan is a male or female, how this person looks like and we have got you covered! We finally discover the real face behind that famous name.

Lately, Zxuan has become the talk of the town. Reportedly, the top global Fanny has joined team EVOS and would visit Indonesia to attend Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) held on July 27 - 29, 2018 in JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta.

Well, who doesn't know Zxuan?! If you play Mobile Legends, you certainly know the name Zxuan because of this player’s insane ability in playing as Fanny. This global top Fanny also often performs 'string acrobatics' by using the hero during the video stream. When most people can only use 2 to 3 ropes when playing hero Fanny, reportedly Zxuan is even capable of unleashing up to 12 ropes. No wonder he has all the attention and praise from Mobile Legends players across the nation.

Interestingly, even though Zxuan often streams, but anyone still hardly knows how Zxuan's face really looks like. Several times this player used a photo of a woman that it sparked speculations that this Zxuan might actually be a woman. Others seemed to disagree, saying that the girl could be this player’s girlfriend. I bet you are curious about it too, right?


Now, you don't need to be curious anymore because an Instagram account named Lambe Moba has just uploaded a pic of Zxuan. The admin from this Instagram account even requested permission from Zxuan through KoalaxBambi who was currently with him before uploading the photo.


Zxuan apparently is on Instagram too under the name @zhenxml; but before the Lambe Moba Instagram account confirmed this, no one really knew whether the account was indeed Zxuan's or not. Having doubts still? Well, you can see for yourself when Zxuan appears at the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) event at JIE Kemayoran later! Don't miss this rare opportunity.

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