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Karen Gillan Teases Nebula’s Plan to ‘Kill’ Thanos?!

After Mark Ruffalo, Karen Gillan has now dropped an Avengers 4 spoiler. Will Thanos be finally defeated by Nebula?

At the end of the Avengers: Infinity War, most of the earth's people are turned into dust only with Thanos' finger flick. As one of the surviving superheroes, this situation only gives Nebula a clear, definite reason why she needs to kill the Mad Titan.

Though fans have not been given details on it yet, the actress, Karen Gillan, decided to drop the bomb during ACE Comic-Con in Chicago, U.S., held on October 12 - 15. Standing in front of the comic fans that packed the building, Karen Gillan came along with Chris Evans and Lee Pace (Ronan the Accuser) to share their characters’ involvement in the Avengers franchise.


To fans’ surprise, Karen Gillan spilled the beans on how Nebula would end Thanos’ life during the panel, saying: "I would like to maybe take the Infinity Gauntlet, put it on, and then strangle him with it. And then say like, 'Bye, Daddy,' or something."

The statement has met with hot reactions from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans all over the world. However, don’t get your hopes up just yet, folks. After all, Karen Gillan just stated what could possibly happen in Avengers 4.

Defeating Thanos is not easy, and we all know better that even most MCU characters have faced hard times in doing so. Yet, still, we have to admit that it’d feel bittersweet if we eventually get to see Thanos get killed by his own daughter.

Why is Nebula the perfect person to defeat Thanos? Head to the next page, folks.

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